Origami Lovebirds – The Perfect Gift


Throwback to the days when I would always make these birdies. While thinking of crafts to make for Mother’s Day I was reminded of this pair of beautiful birds that I made over three years ago for my grandmother. The story behind this piece goes like this: My grandma went to a wedding and won a pair of origami bird that they were using as a centerpiece. I visited her one day and told her that they were ugly (:D) and that I could make them better. So she told me to make them for her! It was around Valentine’s then, so I figured I would use those colors as my theme (red, pink, and white). I got the white flower, pink glass flower, and heart tray at the dollar store. If I remembered correctly I cut the “Be Mine” sign out of a card. Probably from the dollar store too. I bought the color papers from the craft store. My supplies were not that expensive. I brought the finished birds to her and she loved them! The next week I visited her and noticed that the pair she had won was missing. I asked her where it was and she said she gave it away because mine was prettier. 🙂 I’m glad she appreciated my work.

You guys are probably wondering how in the world I made this. Well let me tell you, it took me at least three years to perfect it. The technique is called block folding origami. Origami is the process of folding papers into 3D objects. Block folding also consist of folding papers, but you have to assemble those papers into a 3D object. I made these two birds by individually folding over 500 pieces of paper and then assemble them pieces by pieces. To achieve this small size bird my papers are cut into 1 in x 1.5 in piece. If I want a bigger size bird then I would just increase the dimensions of the paper. I usually cut about 1000 pieces in my desired colors and fold them all before I put the bird together. It only takes me about two hours to put each bird together but hours to fold the tiny pieces of paper! I make the body first, then the feet, and then the tails. I put the head on last because it is the most fragile part of the bird. Once they’re done then I just arrange them however I like, like the one pictured above, with super glue.

I used to make so many and give them away as gift. Now a day, I only make them at someone’s request. It is somewhat time consuming. However, it always make me happy to make them. I know they will come out beautiful and people loves them.

If you know how to make block folding origami I would love to hear from you. It is so hard to find ideas on the web! Thanks for coming by and please share!